Pre-Flight Safety Check

| October 16, 2017

Those who have boarded the “Wedding Flight”  and those who wish to board this flight should read the following Pre-Flight Safety Check in order to have a Safe and Happy Marital Journey.

Before we take off, your In-Flight Service Director asks that you familiarize yourself with our safety procedures on board this Aircraft (MWF 247).

Hope you have read and signed your Safety Booklet (Pre-Marital Contract) before boarding the Flight. If not, you have given up your rights and much of your fate depends upon the Captain’s (husband) or In-Laws’ decisions.

Unlike other planes that have eight to ten exits, there is just one Exit (divorce) aboard the wedding flight which should be used as a last resort.

We do not recommend that you be seated close to the exit with your suitcase. In case of an emergency, there are highlights in your “Pre-Marital Contract” to guide you towards a better solution. In the event of In-Laws’ pressure, your B.P. may rise and make you angry or aggressive in which case you have to use the mask of Patience.

If you are aware of Life Skills, these will act as a life jacket in your journey of wedded life.  You are expected to come prepared before boarding the wedding flight.  Mobile Phones, Laptops and other electronic items should be used minimally during the flight.

Please also remember that Wedding Flights are expected to be simple which means strictly not to be extravagant. If you are not aware of any Ahadith in this regards, you have missed a very valuable lesson for your life journey.

We once again congratulate you for using the world’s most sought after airline and hope you enjoy your journey and have a blissful wedded life. Thank you for your time and you can now prepare to take-off.


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