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Donation to Dowry

| December 24, 2013 | 4 Comments

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Premium International School, the best choice that you can make to prepare your child to face today’s corrupt world. As you are aware, hundreds of thousands of people sacrificed their lives in order to free our country from the slavery of British Rule.  However, after 65 years of independence we are now slaves of Corruption as a result of our very simplistic and materialistic living. There is no place, person or thing that’s untouched by corruption. It has become so rampant that even the noblest professions like education and medical as well as spiritual places have become corrupt.

Day in and day out, our Nation is witnessing huge scams and widespread corruption at all levels and the common man is trapped and forced to abandon all virtues, values, morals etc. His qualification is only a piece of paper in the form of a diploma or a degree.

We believe that just providing academic education will not be sufficient for your child to earn and live a better life. We will fortify your child with all the necessary skills to survive in any business, office or profession that may be pursued. We will also provide the requisite training and guidance to cheat the Public at all levels.

We have carefully chosen our panel of teachers who are minimally qualified (as we hardly pay them) but they possess creativity and talent needed to teach the students the art of Corruption.

School Values & Expectations

  • Students will be encouraged to develop their cheating skills to the highest possible level.
  • Students will be encouraged to extend their cheating skills at home and beyond.

We believe that nobody would be absent unless there’s a genuine reason. If the students are absent without a valid reason, they are cheating themselves and also missing valuable cheating lessons taught at the school.

Many schools unnecessarily implement strict punctuality rules. Even after a decade of schooling none ever learns to be punctual in our Country. The members of the Society feel respected and are proud to be late at a ceremony, function, meeting etc. In view of this, we want our students to be irregularly punctual so that they can always be late in their future endeavors as it is a strict requirement of the Society.

Is there anything that we can rely about? Our students are expected to develop a high sense of mistrust which will be helpful in their future lives.

Try to be honest and you’ll regret your entire life. A high level of dishonesty is demanded from our students at all times as this is the most common trait found in all aspects of life.

School Uniform
We believe in a smart personality as seen in Movies, TV, magazines etc. as it reflects your commitment and sense of belonging to the society. A particular school uniform is only a joke and hence is not compulsory. You are free to wear Western, Eastern, Hollywood or Bollywood style of dressing.

This is an essential part of the learning program and hence our teachers will give lots of homework and Projects that can easily be done by the parents.

Students are expected to behave irrationally as it is very important for their future. Bad language or loud behavior is quite acceptable and appreciated. Those students who are courteous and show considerate behavior towards the general public will be punished.  All students are expected to be disruptive or distracting the teachers from the main purpose of the lessons. The school will appreciate behaviors of aggression, intimidation, harassment or bullying of any kind as these are highly essential in future professions and responsibilities.

Applications for new admissions for the next academic year starting 1st June will be issued from  November onward.   Honestly, we have only 450 seats to fill but we have already printed 2000 application forms (why to waste) and also the cost of an application form is just Rs.250/-. In view of the public demand and interest in our eminent school, we are happy to issue all the forms.

We are fully aware that due to the high cost of living, parents do their best (you know it better) in their respective businesses, professions etc. to generate the additional funds. As we provide specialized training and groom our students in these areas ahead of time, we need funds for infrastructure and will therefore be increasing the fee structure every year by 25% only.  Also, we need to satisfy and support many departments that promote education. 

Apart from English, Maths, Science etc, special skills in the following core subjects will also be taught:

  • Bribery
  • Cheating
  • Extortion
  • Fraud
  • Scams

Our mission and vision is to see that every person in the country breathes and lives in pure corruption.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school for our bright future.

Sincerely Yours,
Prank C. Pal

Limited Seats

Private schools have already begun the process of admissions for the year 2014-15 and are inviting applications from parents seeking admission to such schools. Many schools have already taken ninety thousand to one lakh for Kindergarten classes.

The girl child’s life in particular starts with a donation for education and after 15-20 years of education once again comes to another major halt for donation (dowry) in order to get married.  Donation to Dowry is a journey from Education to Marriage.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately seeking education has become a herculean task for students and parents. A school is the fountain of knowledge but even this fountain has been adulterated with corruption.

                                                  As you sow, so you reap!


Above was a fictitious letter from a School.  However, how much of it do you think is true in the present circumstances?

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  1. Athenas Take says:

    Consciously or unconsciously all schools in our country are slowly turning into one like this. The future of our country and its kids is bleak unless change happens in a big way.
    Athenas Take recently posted…Oh No ! Exams Again..My Profile

  2. Indrani says:

    I was wondering why you were writing like this till I came to the last line.

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