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| January 7, 2013 | 6 Comments

Welcome back!

The dowry system prevalent in the Asian Subcontinent has brought with it a myriad problems to the Society.  I have made an attempt to portray the evil system and hope that this message sows the seeds for a change in the Society.

An interview was conducted recently with Mr. Greedy, one of the most renowned heart occupants of the world.   A transcript of the interview below would be useful to all who do not care about the Society in which they live:


Question:  What is the definition of Cardiology for a layman?

Ans:  Cardiology in wedding terminology refers to demanding of cars as dowry (car-dio-logy).


Question:  What role do cars play to keep the heart healthy and happy?

Ans: Earlier Two-Wheelers were in demand as dowry but now Cars have elevated the status of the giver and the receiver and hence the heart is kept healthy and happy.


Question: What is the best and easiest method to increase wealth in order to keep the heart fit?

Ans:  Become corrupt in all aspects of your life or just get married.


Question:  Is corruption hereditary?

Ans:  Yes.


Question: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What do you suggest to de-stress?

Ans:  Being unemployed or unmarried are the two major stressors.  A simple method for a majority of Asians to de-stress is to get married.


Question: How do you think that getting married will help de-stress?

Ans: Are you from Mars?  In Asian Countries the so called civilized, educated man when getting married is rewarded with lots of cash, a vehicle, a flat, furniture, jewelry, home appliances, kitchen appliances and of course with a bumper gift called “Bride”.  The bride will also be the home maker, a bread winner, a cook, a dishwasher, a laundromat, a nanny etc. etc.  Aren’t these enough to de-stress the man, his parents and his entire family?


Question:  How can one confirm if a man getting married or his parents have heartache?

Ans:  By checking if they have LDL or HDL


Question: What are LDL and HDL in Matrimonial Terminology?

Ans:  LDL= Likes dowry a lot and  HDL = Hates dowry a lot (which is very rare)


Question:  What do you think the Asian Society has the most?

Ans:  Of course LDL


Question: Are NRI aspirants prone to heartaches?

Ans: Yes, they do have a very high percentage of LDL


Question:  How can we eradicate the spread of LDL in the Society?

Ans:  No one can eradicate a disease.  However, people can control further spreading of this disease by bringing awareness and educating the youngsters to live a rich life.

Question:  My daughter is only 14 year old; at what age should I have to worry about her dowry?

Ans:  Parents start worrying from conception (if it’s a girl).  But you can avoid worrying as youngsters are now coming forward to detox the dowry system.

Question:   Can spirituality help in preventing the heart ailments such as the dowry itch?

Ans:  Unfortunately the Society is more cultural and traditional than Spiritual.

Question:  Which is the best and worst food for the heart?

Ans:  Being grateful for all the blessings is the best food for the heart and having an ego and greed are the worst.  Ego and greed have kept the evil of dowry system alive for decades.

Question: What is the main cause of steep increase in heartaches?

Ans: Increased greed, sedentary lifestyle, junk marriages and voluntary offer of dowry as gifts.

Question:  How would you define a junk marriage?

Ans:  When weddings are extravagant or dowry demands add misery to the families, such marriages can be termed as junk as they cause more harm to the Society than doing any good.

Question:  Will taking anti-dowry steps cause some other complications (short/long term)?

Ans:  Yes, initially the Society will have some side effects since habits die hard.

Question:  Does consuming (buying) more jewelry for weddings results in heartaches?

Ans:  Yes, parents take loans and fall in huge debts or sell their property in order to buy jewelry for the weddings and this ultimately affects their heart.

Question:  Can a person help himself from this type of heartache?

Ans:  Yes.  Lay down all customs that do not support the growth of the Society and put up with the defiant people with patience and educate them so that the future generations do not suffer.

Question:  Sometimes due to family or Society’s pressure a person is forced to follow the traditions by accepting the dowry system.  How can he avoid such a situation?

Ans:  If the family’s concern is obtaining dowry, the gentleman should persuade his parents to avoid this sin and to help the Society.

Question: Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to dowry disease when compared to day shift workers?

Ans:  No. In both cases the dowry demanded is the same.

Question:  Is it true that women are more responsible for dowry menace?

Ans:  Those women who are either greedy or out of fear of the Society force their husband or son to involve in dowry are more responsible to spread this disease.

Question:  What’s your final advice to the Society?

Ans:  Na car dio na lio jee (neither demand nor take a car)  


dowr items

On a serious note, please do take utmost care of your heart as that is the residence of your loved ones.

Have a blessed day.

Fayaz Pasha

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I’m Fayaz Pasha from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley and Garden City of India. I’m a Certified Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner. I love reading, writing and convey my thoughts through Poetry. I would like to make my humble contribution to the Society through this blog towards detoxification of social evils particularly the dowry system.

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  1. Panchali says:

    hahaha…being a heart patient, I came running to this post! Gawd…this is the best spoof I’ve read so far….honest, hilarious. Enjoyed reading it so much, Fayaz :)

    • zayaf121 says:

      Panchali, Hope and pray that your genuine problem gets solved quickly. This is a Societal problem and there’s a hope that one day this too will vanish.

  2. Mickey says:

    Lol….A new definition of Cardiology !

    You possess an immense talent and Creativity !

    Hope these write ups bring some sense into the dowry takers.

    The dowry system mars the happiness of marriage.
    Mere laws cannot wipe out this slur .
    It is high time for all of us to stand against it and fight this social evil and root it completely.

    Say a BIG No to ‘GIVE and TAKE’ Dowry…

    • zayaf121 says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, mere laws cannot wipe out this disease but sure In-laws can do it. Hope there’s an awakening and majority of the women understand the gravity of this evil and help to control further spreading of this disease.

  3. Thakurrrrrr says:

    Hilarious i shd say….:) From now on the definition of cardiology has changed for me….:)
    You really have the art to write Fayaz…and the analogies u use are simply amazing….
    Jokes apart….ur humourous writings convey a deeper and stark reality about the evils prevailing in our society

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