Marriage Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Benjamin Franklin


Planning can be defined as a mental process to achieve some predetermined goals based on facts rather than guesses.  Some of the areas that require planning are : Life Goals, Personality, Academic/Religious Qualifications, Essential Skills, Hobbies and Interests,  Well-Being and Social Interests.

 A lot of planning is done for a ‘one day trip’ or a business tour for a few days in order to make it most convenient, enjoyable, and to avoid any hardships etc.

Here’s an example of a checklist

(What to pack on a trip of any length)


Dressy jacket

2-4 shirts/blouses/topsDressy jacket

2 pairs trousers/skirts (shorts?)

3+ pairs socks

3+ pairs undergarments

long (lightweight) underwear


dark (cardigan) sweater

rainwear (umbrella?)

parka, coat, or equivalent

long T-shirt or sarong   (nightclothes?)

necktie, scarf, shawl, hair band,   bandanna

gloves / mittens

sun hat / knitted cap, hat clip

1 pair dressy shoes (laces?)

1 pair walking shoes/boots   (laces?)

flip-flops or sandals


travel pack or shoulder bag
(& luggage cart?)

daypack (fanny pack? purse?)

lightweight duffel/laundry bag

luggage lock(s) (cable?)

alarm clock/watch (batteries?)

flashlight, head strap, extra   batteries (bulbs?)

knife, screwdrivers, pliers,   scissors

spoon (fork? chopsticks? spork?),
(coffee tin lid) plate or bowl



door lock

safety pins, cord, fasteners

sewing kit, including large needle
to accommodate dental floss

(Ziploc®) plastic bags, garbage   bags

repair tape (packing tape? glue?)

toothbrush, cap, tooth cleaner,   floss

razor, blades, shaving oil/cream

comb and/or hairbrush

shampoo, bar soap & container


nail clippers

[unbreakable] mirror

viscose towel (washcloth?)

inflatable travel pillow

earplugs (sleep mask?)

sleep sack (sleeping bag?
bivouac sack? blanket? tent?)

universal (flat) sink stopper

detergent, spot remover

(surgical latex braid) clothesline   (carabineer?)

inflatable hangers [to dry clothes]

toilet paper, water squirt bottle,
antibacterial wipes

(chemical or mechanical) water   purifier

analgesic of choice

diarrhea treatment of choice

infection treatment of choice

malaria tablets

insect repellent, mosquito net

sunscreen, lip balm


bandages (other first aid?)

menstrual, contraceptive,
and/or prophylactic supplies

vitamins, necessary medications

(collapsible) plastic water bottle   & cup

dark glasses, retainer, case

lens cleaning cloth/supplies, copy
of prescription (spare glasses?)

pen(s), small notebook, glue stick
[for   notes, addresses, diary, …]

personal address book (stamps?)

maps, guidebooks, phrase books,   Post-it® notes, restaurant lists, membership cards, business/calling cards,   telephone access numbers

reading material

large envelopes [to mail things home]

passport, visas, extra passport   photos, vaccination certificates

copies of important documents

(international?) driver’s license,   health insurance information

travel tickets

charge & ATM cards, cash   (traveler’s cheques?)

2 personal cheques

security pouch [worn under clothes]

camera (lenses? flash? tripod? extra cards &   batteries? charger? download adapter?)

cellular telephone (charger?)

travel computer (flash drive?   power cord/adapters? network cable(s)?)

jump rope

(solar) calculator





        Marriage is a lifelong journey that needs to be well planned regarding various facets of marital life. 

Do you have a marriage plan?


Don’t marry the person you think you can live with;

marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.

James C. Dobson

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