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Hello and As Salamualaykum!

Welcome aboard Muslim Wedding Flight and thank you very much for visiting my blog. I’m sure you must be bemused after reading this unusual blog title. Well, I got this idea while I was thinking about the various steps involved for a journey by flight. I wondered if people had to make meticulous planning for a short journey, then how much  planning would be required for a life-long journey. This thought transpired into an e-book “Muslim Wedding Flight” that deals with various procedures involved for a wedding. “A Guide To Spouse Selection” and “Muslim Wedding Flight” are available on Amazon.com.

I’m a Commerce Graduate, a Certified Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner. Reading and writing has always been my passion. I convey my thoughts via poetry, songs and articles and decided to share my reflections on this blog. In my e-books and in some of my poems I have tried to address the prevalent social evils in the Society particularly, the Dowry system and Female Infanticide as practiced in the Asian Countries.

Parents do everything possible to nurture, educate and marry their daughters. They take enormous risks, incur debts, and sell properties with an only desire to see their daughters happily settled in their marital abode. However, for a majority of them this has only remained a dream.

It is said that ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. A wedding is the first step for the couple’s life-long journey. If the first step itself is not based on good values then the journey becomes more vulnerable to a misadventure. Apart from Academic Education, Marital Education is essential not only to root out these evils but also to provide a road map for the journey of wedded life.

I look forward to receiving your kind feedback and suggestions that would enable me in making this blog a major contributor towards redressing the social evils in our society. I can also be reached on the Social Media Network by clicking the icons on the footer.

It’s an honor to have you visit my blog and thank you once again for your time. Hope you enjoy your stay and I invite you to drop by as often as you can. It would be a privilege for me if you would pass this information to your friends and family members to contribute their might in fighting the social evils.

Have a blessed day

Fayaz Pasha

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